61"L x 17"H x 11"D
Painted Wood Construction
Wood Tortoise
"MARYLAND DAY PARADE" for Baltimore's 2001
'FISH OUT of WATER' Program
"TALLFISH" for Baltimore's 2001
'FISH OUT of WATER' Program
"BABY" (giraffe) 83"H x 67"D x 47"W
Pressure-treated Wood, Rope
110"H x 144"W x 58"D
Pressure-treated Wood
Tortoise 65"L x 43"W x 45"H
Pressure-treated Wood
3-Piece "ART of DISTRACTION" Outdoor Screens 68"W x 74"H
Pressure-treated Wood
< Pink Circle Denotes that the piece is SOLD
"DAWG" a Painted Wood Construction
"CARING" 97"H x 52"W x 37"D
Pressure-treated Wood Construction
"IN FULL STRIDE" 14' x 5' x 4'-5"
Pressure-treated WoodConstruction
for Main Line (PA)'s 2002
'ART Unleashed' Program
"REACH" (Giraffe) 14' x 6' x 5' Pressure-treated Wood; Rope
Soldered Copper hand
FISH Soldered copper with wood and sea fan
Hand of the Artist
Soldered copper
"Homage to the Irish Immigrant
"CIRCLES" water fountain
38" x 25" x 20
"ATTITUDE" 9' x 7' x 3'- 4" pressure-treated Wood
George Lucas Art
1991 ( Reworked by Artist 2013 )
Polished carved maple, cloth, rope
30" x 26" x 12" ( est weight- 40 lbs. )
( I construct, rather than carve. )
"DUNES" (3/4 view and front view) Wire and wood