'Fools for Love' in a small
Blackbox theatre
'Noises Off' calls for a rotating set- this one could be turned by one person
Brian Friel's 'Translations' (at Mt. Olivet Church- left, and Church Street Theatre)
First production of "Man of LaMancha'
'Pumpboys and Dinettes' at Mt Olivet Church
The Keegan Theatre's trillogy of one-act plays, 'Synge with Yeats' at Mt. Olivet Church
Brian Friel's 'The Field' at Gunston Theatre II black box
These three Irish one-acts were done on a aging set of a single costal home
The World Premier of Peter Coy's 'Shadow of Honor' at Church Street Theatre required the single set to "go away" for the final scene (right)
Steve Martin's 'Picasso at the Lapin Argile'
at Gunston Theatre II black box
Notebook of Trigorin
George Lucas Art
I approach each Set Design as a sculptural installation, and then have to allow those pesky actors onto the stage. Their positions on the set is called blocking, because they are blocking it from the audience's view.
'Agnes of God'